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UJL Cutter for paper testers
May 24, 2010 
UJL Pty Ltd has launched another product of its own: the UJL-CUTTER for cutting paper samples from paper reels. UJL-CUTTERS are available in two model types: for machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD) sample strips....

Forte Technologies

Forte Technologies Inc manufactures and UJL Pty Ltd ...

UJL Pty Ltd  

UJL Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of equipment and solutions that have superior performance in modern paper and pulp mills. UJL has access to the latest technology and expertise to assist paper and pulp manufacturers in continuing to improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of mill operations in Australia and New Zealand. 

  •      Greycon  production planning, scheduling and MES systems
  •       ProcemexTwin WMS & WIS Systems - Machine vision
  •       Pulp and paper testing instrument
  • PulpEye Online analysers for pulp
  • Optest paper testing instruments (Canada)
  • Tasowheel Systems CD control & CD actuators
  • Satron instruments & Consistency transmitters
  • Permi online porosity analysers
  • CTP-specialty chemicals
  • RoQ roll hardness analyser
  • Flow Control Finland- Seal water  & l ubrication oil meters
  • MX-UJL moisture meters
  •      Moisture meter models for rent/trial
  •      UJL-Cutter for paper roll sampling
  •      RollTest  roll maintenance solutions
  •      Scienta QCS Systems (Sensors - Scanners - Controls)
  •      Feltest fabric maintenance tools
  • Spare parts and special services
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